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20 Jun 2011

The National Planning Commission Diagnostic Report for South Africa

This diagnostic report, produced by the National Planning Commission, makes for an extremely interesting read on the state of play in South Africa and the nine key challenges for our country going forward. It is full of fascinating information that should inform the context within which we do business. For instance, performance of historically disadvantaged high schools continues to be a major challenge (88% classified as poorly performing and only 1% top performing).

On the positive side there is evidence of a growing black middle class. However, the counter to this is that the income gap between demographic groups has actually widened since 1994 and we remain a very divided society.

The report concludes that South Africa has a good track record of solving complex issues, making this a very exciting time to involved in these issues.The NPC now moves into a process of developing a 2030 vision and development plan that will be tracked over time.


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